Company Profile

High-Pro, an ignition coil expert with innovative technology and persistent quality for automotive aftermarket; a premium choice for your everyday car!

With headquarter in Taiwan and IATF 16949: 2016 certified factory in China, High-Pro started providing more than 600 models of high quality ignition coil as an alternative choice of OE for the aftermarket since 2002. Aside from our existing products, we also dedicate our engineering resource to customization and special applications based on request to fulfill variety of demands.

While expanding product selection, we believe quality and efficiency are the keys for long term success. With our semi-automatic production equipment and strict quality assurance, we deliver every piece with the best quality and efficiency.

At High-Pro, everything matters. We will continue to deliver quality products and service for worldwide customers with one-stop-shop solution!

Our Services

* Variety of ignition coils for automotive aftermarket.
* High energy ignition coils for performance cars.
* Ignition coil customization.
* Auto parts sourcing.